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Since 1970, Four Paws has been innovating the highest-quality products that keep fur pals happy, healthy, and clean while simplifying pet parenting. Keep Off! Cat Repellent Spray helps you protect your home AND your cat. This pet repellent spray is the perfect aid for training cats and kittens to stay off furniture, carpets, trees, shrubs, garbage cans, and other forbidden areas. Our cat deterrent spray provides up to 24-hour protection when applied daily. Plus, this pet block repellent is in a convenient pump spray bottle and effective indoors and outdoors!

  • FOR CATS AND KITTENS - Safe for cats and kittens
  • KEEPS PETS OFF OF FORBIDDEN AREAS - Effective Pet deterrent spray for furniture, carpets, trees, shrubs, garbage cans, and more
  • 24-HOUR PROTECTION - Cat spray deterrent lasts all day when used daily
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE - Effective cat spray repellent for outdoor and indoor items
  • MADE IN THE USA - Keep Off! is proudly made in the United States!
  • SIZE - Cat spraying deterrent comes in an easy-to-use spray pump bottle and contains 16 ounces

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