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The incidence of sand colic is often thought to be limited to horses in sandy areas; however, horses can have sand colic episodes regardless of where they live. Horses that graze or eat off the ground are more likely to pick up and digest sand and dirt, which can increase the risk of sand colic. Sand colic can occur when a horse ingests sand or soil particles, either accidentally or intentionally, that accumulate in the horse's intestinal tract and can cause an obstruction in your horse's colon. Using Equi Aid Natural Horse Psyllium Pellets may help reduce the possibility of digestive colic. It contains premium psyllium fiber, in palatable apple & molasses flavored psyllium pellets, to support the removal of sand and dirt from the ventral colon.

  • Supports ideal digestive health: may help reduce the possibility of digestive sand colic in horses
  • Helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract: supports the removal of sand & dirt from the ventral colon
  • High quality ingredients: contains premium psyllium seed husk a natural, soluble, psyllium fiber that increases bulk
  • Easy to feed: palatable apple & molasses flavored psyllium pellets for horses
  • Quality: nasc certified

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