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Since 1970, Four Paws has been innovating the highest-quality products that keep dogs and cats happy, healthy, and clean while simplifying pet parenting. That's why we've created Wee-Wee Scented Dog Waste Bags that help with outdoor potty training and maintaining a clean yard! They come in a convenient, one-at-a-time dispenser box. Each durable dog poop bag features easy-tie handles that make them simple to use and extra sanitary. Plus, these dog poo bags are scented with a baby powder fragrance to effectively mask odor. Our dog waste disposal bags measure 7 inches long x 1 inches high and fit into any standard-size waste bag dispenser.

  • EASY-TIE HANDLES - Help mean cleaning up waste sanitary and simple
  • COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD WASTE BAG DISPENSERS - Fit into any standard-size waste bag dispenser
  • BABY POWDER SCENT - Waste bags for dogs sufficiently mask odor
  • BAG SIZE - Each bag measures 7 inches long x 11 inches high
  • COUNT- Includes 60 poo bags for dogs

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