Basking Turtle Trunk

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Because your turtle deserves the ultimate in luxurious lounging, this Zilla Floating Basking Turtle Trunk is an absolute must-have for any aquatic habitat. With its freestanding design, you can place it anywhere you please, giving your pet the freedom to bask and swim as they please.

  • - Natural-looking design that blends seamlessly into any aquatic environment
  • - The floating platform stays perfectly at water level, so your turtle can easily climb on and off at their leisure
  • - This trunk is tough enough to withstand even the most energetic of pets, and it's a breeze to clean
  • - You can position it anywhere in your pet's home for optimal heat and UVB exposure, ensuring your turtle stays healthy and happy
  • - With its spacious 12.25" L size, this basking platform provides plenty of room for multiple turtles to sunbathe together
  • - Made from high-quality materials that are safe for use in water environments, so you can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands

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