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100% nutritionally complete and was developed by professional nutritionists with the help of fish experts. Formulated as an easily-digestible, high-energy, nutrient-dense diet with excellent conversion rates, Sport Fish 500 has high feed efficiency and rate of gain and is designed to stimulate aggressive feeding behavior. AquaMax Sport Fish 500 is a floating product in a in a 3/16 in. extruded pellet.

  • 100% nutritionally complete - Complete, balanced diet for optimum growth
  • 3/16 particle size - Appropriately sized for grower fish of several species
  • 41% PROTEIN, 12% FAT - Excellent grower diet for carnivorous fish
  • Few feed fines - Little waste and optimal feed conversion
  • FishMeal #1 ingredient - Highly palatable, superb attractant, designed to maximize digestibility for carnivorous fish
  • Floating diet - Easy to manage, prevents overfeeding to help maintain water quality
  • High digestibility - Significant nutrient absorption designed to produce clean water and big fish
  • Highly palatable - Helps to ensure proper consumption

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