APPLE WAFER 20# 0093000120 MAN

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Show your horse you love him anytime with Manna Pro Apple Wafers Horse Treat! They’re made from high-quality, nutritionally wholesome ingredients. With hundreds of pocket-sized treats per bag, you can reward your mane-man anytime, anywhere. Your horse is sure to love the delectable apple flavor of these healthy training snacks. Each easy-to-chew treat contains essential ingredients, vitamins, and minerals to help maintain your horse’s healthy lifestyle.
  • GREAT VALUE & GREAT FLAVOR – Over 700 pocket-sized treats per bag and backed with a great taste guarantee.
  • APPLE FLAVORED TRAINING TREATS – Manna Pro Apple Wafers are the perfect bite-size snack for training and rewarding.
  • HEALTHY HORSE TREATS – Each treat contains essential ingredients, vitamins, and minerals.
  • HIGHLY PALATABLE – Each treat is easy to chew and is highly palatable.

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