CP Turbo Scent Locker Racc 4

Sale price$7.99


- Heart-shaped center locks in catnip oil spray for long-lasting feline fun

- Provides all the energizing effects of catnip without the mess

- Made with a soft, plush material cats love 

- Comes with catnip oil to help replenish scent 

- Encourages active play and exercise 

Get the energizing effects of catnip without the mess using the Turbo Scent Locker Heart Plush Animal Cat Toys with catnip spray.  This tempting toy features a heart-shaped center that locks in the scent of catnip oil for long lasting feline fun.  Each bunny comes with replacement oil spray to add to its heart at any time.  This fun plush makes the purr-fect addition to your cat's rotating collection.  Plus, it encourages active play, exercise and paw-sitive bonding between you and your furry friend.  

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