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Managing orthopedic problems and disease in horses can be difficult. You want to do the very best you can for your horse without causing further harm. AspirEase granules offer a simple and safe way to aid in the relief of pain and inflammation caused by illness and orthopedic problems such as arthritis and ringbone. It can also help relieve the symptoms associated with soft tissue injury, joint disease and old injuries.

This apple and molasses flavored granules provide a dose of buffered aspirin to manage pain and reduce inflammation while remaining gentle on your horse’s GI tract. AspirEase granules gives you the option of two economic sizes and is also available in a gel form designed for quick relief of more acute issues.

  • Aids in the relief of fever, pain and inflammation in horses
  • Buffered aspirin powder is easy on the digestive system
  • Flavored to enhance palatability

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