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Montmorillonite Clay in Nature’s Logic Foods

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  Tom Cameron,DMV Nature’s Logic puts Montmorillonite clay in their pet foods! Dirt in our pet’s food? They must have some good reasons, right? Absolutely - both current science and history provide many. The practice of eating clay is called geophagia (geo - earth, phagia - to eat). Scientists ha...

Hot Weather tips for raising poultry

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As temperatures begin to flare above 90 degrees with high humidity, don’t forget about caring for your flock. An important requirement for raising poultry is maintaining a cool environment for them to produce and thrive. Chickens like humans also need hydration and shaded areas to feel comfortab...

Is The Swimming Pool Safe For Your Pets?

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The pool is a great place for your family and pets to spend their summers. It’s the perfect solution to cooling down, soaking up some sun, and having lots of fun. However, like with small children, your dog can potentially be at risk of getting hurt if not properly supervised. Not all dogs are g...